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The ecological role of the Lepidoptera in pollination has been questioned. iNaturalist observations and other documentation demonstrates that pollen is transported by the Lepidoptera. The role of this taxa in pollination may be a variable one depending on both the species of host and vector. The role of the nectar flower may be of greater importance to the Lepidoptera then the host. I have noted that many if not most of the butterfly and moth observations demonstrate active nectoring by the presence of the proboscis inserted into the flower. In order to study the importance of nectar feeding in the Lepidoptera an observation field "Proboscis Inserted:" has been attached to the project. This observation field has been attached to the project Pollinator Associations. There it appears that nearly all of the Lepidoptera appear to be ...more ↓

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Photos of butterflies and moths with the nectar source identifiable and identified with the required 'Nectar Plant' field - and the butterfly/moth can be seen feeding and not just perched on the plant.

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