Weed Control Methods, Weed Disposal and Herbicides

Weed control methods
Invasive weeds in this guide can be controlled with physical and chemical methods. Physically, they can be pulled to remove all or most of the roots, preventing the plant from growing back. Wet soil makes this easier. Even if all the roots don’t come up, the plant is likely to die. Returning to follow up on weed removal gives you a second chance to eradicate weed patches.
Other methods that physically cut or pull weeds can also be effective, including mowing large areas. Girdling large plants by cutting away a strip of bark several inches wide around trunks of trees or woody vines interrupt the flow of nutrients to leaves and active growing points to kill the plant. Use a knife, ax, or saw.
Mulch can smother weeds by preventing sunlight from reaching the ground. It can be organic, such as straw and sawdust, or synthetic, such as plastic.
Soil solarization means covering damp soil with clear or black plastic to trap heat, killing plants and ...more ↓

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Cambria's native plants are being overwhelmed by invasive weeds. Invasive weeds crowd out native plants and use scarce water native plants need. Invasive plants change the habitat, eliminating the native vegetation that local wildlife relies on for food and shelter.

Invasive Weeds also add to fire danger by creating 'ladder fuels,' which allow fire to climb from the ground to the ...more ↓

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