Camera Trapping Adventures - April 14, 2021

Hello, Spring has finally arrived. Early migrant birds and bats are being observed throughout the area. Black bears, skunks, and woodchucks are awake after a long winter sleep. Now is the time to start venturing out into your backyards and looking for sign of animals. Scat is very detectable at this time of year because the vegetation has not grown over it. Animal trails are also very detectable as well for the same reason. Lots of sunlight hits the forest floor at this time of year and the air remains dry so it is a great time for camera trapping because your images will look really crisp! This is a great time of year for camera traps! Over the next several weeks the vegetation will be changing a lot! As long as the weather remains warm, the buds will be bursting, the grass will be growing, and the vegetation will change. Some of the vegetation will interfere with you cameras. So, now is a good time to examine the camera placement and keep an eye on it. One typical ...more ↓
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Camera trapping is a fun way to discover the wildlife that lives in your yard and neighborhoods. This technology is widely available and when used properly can detect wildlife with little to no disturbance. This project encourages participantst to share their observations of wildlife using camera traps (a.k.a. game camera, trail camera, etc.).

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