26 Nov 2017 - Lichens on the Crazy Horse Trail

Lichenologist Dr. Troy McMullin accompanied some of the Friends of the Carp Hills board on the Crazy Horse Trail to look for two uncommon lichens and to lend his expertise to identifying some of the lichens on the trail. Troy is a research scientist at the Canadian Museum of Nature and co-author of the book "Common Lichens of Northeastern North America." Here is a list of the lichens he observed:
Acarospora fuscata (Schrader) Arnold
Arthonia caesia (Flotow) Körber
Arthonia caudata Willey
Aspicilia cinerea (L.) Körber
Buellia sp.
Candelaria concolor (Dickson) Stein
Cladonia chlorophea group
Cladonia mitis Sandst. (fumarprocetraric acid absent)
Cladonia pyxidata (L.) Hoffm.
Cladonia rangiferina (L.) Nyl.
Cladonia rei Schaerer (fumarprotocetraric acid absent)
Cladonia turgida Hoffm.
Collema sp.
Diploschistes scruposus (Schreber) Norman
Evernia mesomorpha Nyl.
Flavoparmelia caperata (L.) Hale
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To record the bio-diverse flora and fauna of the Carp Hills in its three distinct areas: Canadian Shield gneissic rock barrens, Canadian Shield rocky upland forests and wetlands, and deciduous forests on calcareous (marble) intrusions.

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