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The Cartilaginous Fishes x Aquatic Debris project has just reached 100 observations, from over the world oceans, and even from freshwater ecosystems.
Most of the observations shown a negative impact between sharks, batoids and chimaeras, but also, some oportunistic interactions have been recorded, as two maskrays mating in a discarded tire.

O egg cases with thread-like posterior horns attached in fishing lines

The project is a pilot initiative and is open to collaborations.
For more write to Diego Almendras and

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Numerous marine taxa become entangled in anthropogenic marine debris, including cartilaginous fishes. For this reason, the objectives of this project is to act as a collection of interactions between rays, sharks and chimeras with marine debris.
These interactions can for example, a dead shark entangled in a fishing gear, egg capsules attached to man made structures or debris, a ...more ↓

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