October 16, 2017

Champion Trees of South Africa

The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) initiated the South African Champion Trees Project in 1998.

The Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry can declare certain tree species and individual trees or groups of trees, as protected under the National Forests Act 1998 (Act No. 84 OF 1998). Such protected trees may not be “…cut, disturbed or damaged and their products may not be possessed, sold or transported without a licence…” In the case of individual trees the protection is absolute, with no potential for permission for removal except if life or property is threatened (eg by dying or leaning trees).

The definition of a Champion Tree includes the following elements:

• It must be a tree.
The act defines trees as ‘…any self-supporting woody plant of >10 mm stem diameter at breast height, that is >3m high if single-stemmed, and >5 m high if multistemmed...’ Plants such as Aloe, cycads, palms, banana-like plants and so forth are excluded by the act;

• It can be an individual tree or group of trees;

• Living and dying trees should be regarded as candidates for Champion status.
But, with the aim of protecting and extend their life-span;

• Both indigenous and non-indigenous trees are eligible.
Certain non-indigenous trees have strong cultural and historical links to South African heritage. Most non-indigenous candidates are urban. In cases where a non-indigenous Champion tree is a declared weed, then a management plan to curb its spread must be in place;

• Species in protected areas, including botanical gardens and arboreta, are also eligible;


• The national versus regional importance is a key consideration for champion status.
Species listed as protected in other Acts and pieces of legislation (e.g. provincial ordinances or municipal by-laws) can be considered.

Other factors that underpin the conceptual approach are the following:

• Stakeholder interests (provincial and local authorities; cultural historians; NGOs that focus on trees; wildlife/environment sector; and civil society;) should be taken into account in determining the list of Champion trees;


• The DWAF’s legal mandate and existing capacity should be considered.

Golding, J.S. & Geldenhuys, C.J. (2003) Methods and procedures for the selection of Champion trees in South Africa for protection in terms of the National Forests Act (1998). Report for the Department of Water affairs and Forestry. Report FW-02/03, Forestwood cc, Pretoria.

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(pre 2018 numbers in brackets (current 89+ are all new post 2018) , NLL = No longer listed)

List of ZA Champion Trees

(alphabetical by species)

Acacia galpinii (Monkey Thorn)

53 (191) The Marico Tree - Tallest thorn tree measured in South Africa to date. - Veeplaas, Skuinsdrift, Groot Marico Northwest Province S 25° 23' 25.620" E 26° 22' 42.327" Height: 37m Stem size: 5.69m circ Crown size: 30m& 32.14m Size index: 278

Adansonia digitata (Baobab)

1 (1) Sagole Tree - The largest indigenous tree of South Africa, and habitat for a rare colony of mottled spinetail swallows. - Mutale Municipality Limpopo Province S 22º 29.994’ E 30º 37.990’ Height: 22m Stem size: 33.72m circ Crown size: 34.3m & 41.7m Size index: 440

2 (2) Glencoe Tree - Second largest indigenous tree of South Africa - Glencoe Farm Hoedspruit Limpopo Province S 24º 22.437’ E 30º 51.459’ Height: 16m Stem size: 46.6m circ Crown size: 41.5m & 34.2m Size index: 413 - Part of Crown Collapsed

7 (5) Platland Tree - Very large baobab and well-known tourist attraction with a bar on the inside - Sunland Estate Platland Duiwelskloof (Modjadjiskloof) Limpopo Province S 23º 37.261’ E 30º 11.888’ Height: 19m Stem size: 33.6m Crown size: 33.7m & 30.2m Size index: 340

57 (203) The King of Ga-Ratjeke - Newly discovered and one of the big 5 biggest indigenous trees in South Africa. - Ga-Ratjeke Village Limpopo Province S 23° 29' 54.922" E 30° 30' 6.436" Height: 23.5m Stem size: 24.15m; 7.85m circ & 2.14m circ Crown size: 34.4 & 30.8 Size index: 382

69 (275) Swartwater Tree - One of the five largest baobabs in the country. - Farm Swartwater Limpopo province S22º 30' 50.9400'' E28º 07' 58.7640'' Height: 28.4 Stem size: 24.55 circ Crown size: 29.11 (* visit by appointment only* )

89 The Honnet Giant - The tree with the second thickest trunk diameter in South Africa. Honnet Nature Reserve, Tshipise, Limpopo

Afrocarpus falcatus (Outeniqua Yellowwood)

9 (10) King Edward VIIth Tree - Largest Outeniqua yellowwood accessible to tourists in South Africa - Diepwalle Fores t Estate, Garden Route National Park Western Cape Height: 39m Stem size: 6.92m circ Crown size: 33.5m Size index: 316

25 (82) Tsitsikamma Big Tree - One of the most accessible and famous big trees in Tsitsikamma forest. Visited by more than 80 000 tourists each year. - Plaatbos Nature Reserve, Garden Route National Park Eastern Cape Height: 36m Stem size: 9.15m circ Crown size: 34m

26 (83). Woodville Big Tree -One of the largest yellowwoods in the Knysna forests, receiving substantial numbers of visitors. - Collin’s Hoek Bergplaas Forest Estate, Garden Route National Park Western Cape Height: 33.5m Stem size: 8.9m circ Crown size: 29.8m & 29.5m

27 (84) Eastern Monarch - One of the largest trees in Eastern Cape, known as the Eastern monarch, and located next to Tyume hiking trail. - Auckland Nature Reserve Keiskamma Forest Estate Eastern Cape Height: 38m Stem size: 8.5m circ Crown size: 25m

28 (??) The Dalene Matthee Big Tree - Landmark tree towering above the forest, and the site of a memorial to writer Dalene Matthee. Goudveld, Garden Route National Park, Western Cape. Height: 35,4m Stem size: 1,72m Crown size: 28,35m Size index: 247

70 (278) Blouberg Big Trees - Among the tallest indigenous forest trees in the country. - Blouberg Limpopo Province S 23º 05' 08.8440'' E 29º 00' 08.7120'' Height: 41 Stem size: 5.2 Crown size: 31

Agathis robusta (Queensland Kauri)

39 (140) - One of the largest and oldest trees in Arderne Gardens, planted more than a century ago by John Arderne and his son. - Arderne Gardens, Claremont Cape Town Western Cape Height: 27.7m Stem size: 4.94m circ Crown size: 26.6 m & 26.3m Size index: 179

Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine)

20 (49) - Tallest Norfolk Island Pine planted in 1826 by wife of the last landdrost of Stellenbosch. - Theological Seminary University of Stellenbosch Dorp Street Stellenbosch Western Cape S 33º 56.323’ E 18º 51.863’ Height: 46m Stem size: 5.98m circ Crown size: 22.4m & 20.02m

35 (124) - Exceptionally tall tree, even for its kind. - Arderne Gardens, Claremont Cape Town Western Cape Height: 42.6m Stem size: 5.75m circ Crown size: 19.09m Size index: 252

Breonadia salicina (Matumi)

4 (4) - Largest Matumi tree in South Africa - Amorentia Estate (Mooketsi valley) Limpopo Province S 23º 45.892’ E 30º 02.921’ Height: 40m Stem size: 8.3m circ Crown size: 34.6m Size index: 363

5 (15) - Second largest Matumi tree in South Africa - Amorentia Estate (Mooketsi valley) Limpopo Province S 23º 46.065’ E 30º 02.855’ Height: 38m Stem size: 8.17m circ Crown size: 25.4m & 24.4m Size index: 286

6 (96) - Third Largest Matumi tree in South Africa (forms part of a trio of large Matumi trees) Amorentia Estate, Mooketsi Valley, Limpopo Province S 23º 46.098’ E 30º 02.855’ Prior arrangement necessary Height: 38m Stem size: 8.17m circ Crown size: 25.4m & 24.4m Size index: 306

Cassuarina cunninghamia (Beefwood)

41 (131) - Lane of large casuarinas planted in the 1860s by Charles Scanlen. - Municipal Recreation grounds, Cradock Eastern Cape S 32º 09.79’ E 25º 36.86’ Height: 1) 27m 2)27m 3) 27m Stem size: 1) 5.18m circ 2) 5.81m circ 3)5.82m circ Crown size: 1) 22.7m 2) 22.92m 3) 23.12m Size index: 3)177

Cedrus deodara (Deodar)

30 (91) Historic President Brand trees - Historic collection of trees of different species planted by visiting dignitaries since 1879 in front of the old Government Buildings in President Brand Street, Bloemfontein. - Old Government Buildings, President Brand Street, Bloemfontein Free State S 29º 06.96’ E 26º 12.99’ Height: 20m (Cedrus deodara) & 27m (Cypressus sempervirens) Stem size: 3.1m circ (Cedrus deodara) & 2.14m circ (Cypressus sempervirens) Crown size: 16.9m (Cedrus deodara) & 9.7m (Cypressus sempervirens) Almost all treed died

Cinnamomum camphora (Camphor Tree)

14 (33) The Vergelegen Trees - Historic trees planted more than 3 centuries ago by Governor WA van der Stel – very large trees with large landscape impact - Vergelegen Wines Pty Ltd Somerset West Western Cape S 34º 4.611’ E 18º 53.389’ Height: 26.3m Stem size: 12.62m circ (at breast height – trunk forms a thickened foot) 7m circ from 3m height. Crown size: 33.51m & 29.3m

76 (n.a.) The Hohenhort Grove. Grove of camphor trees of about 250 years old growing behind cellars on a historic farmyard. Cellar Hohenort Hotel. Brommesvlei road, Constantia. Western Cape (Added 2015)

Corymbia ficifolia (Red Flowering Gum)

32 (99) - Very large and attractive tree, estimated to be more than 2 centuries old. A landmark on an old historic farm. - Ida’s Valley Homestead, Stellenbosch District Western Cape Height: 3m Stem size: 5.14m circ, 4.31m, 2.95m & 0.79m circ Crown size: 25.4m & 24.4m Size index: 144 (* visit by appointment only*)

90 The Wolfskloof Tree - Very large landmark tree, 170 years old, on a farm. Wolfkloof Farm, Robertson District, Western Cape

Cussonia spicata (Lowveld Cabbage Tree)

67 (265) The Kurisa Forest Giant - An imposing giant forest tree. - Kurisa Moya Nature Lodge Limpopo Province S23º 28' 51.4920'' E29º 34' 00.0480'' Height: 35 Stem size: 11.65 circ Crown size: 22 (* visit by appointment only* )

Eucalyptus species & a variety of other tree species

15 (34) (Tokai arboretum - all mature trees) - Arboretum of historic significance with trees planted there since 1885. Laid out by Joseph Storr Lister at the beginning of the forestry industry. A major landmark and recreation area, and world famous among botanists, horticulturists and sylviculturists. The Tokai arboretum situated in the Tokai State forest, as proclaimed in 1985 under the War Graves and National Monuments Act of 1969 (Act No 28 of 1969) – now replaced by the National Heritage Resources Act of 1999 (Act No 25 of 1999) - Tokai arboretum Tokai Road Table Mountain National Park Cape Town Western Cape Height: 68m (E saligna) & 43m (P radiata) Stem size: 5.4m circ (E saligna) & 4.64m circ (P radiata) Crown size: 22.4m & 23.7m (E saligna) & 25.4m & 25.1m (P radiata)

18 (45) Commonwealth Plantation - Arboretum or sample plot of large Eucalyptus trees planted in the 1930s and protected to commemorate the Commonwealth Forestry Conference of 1935. (Eucalyptus paniculata (Grey Ironbark), E. maculata (Spotted Gum), & E. microcory s(Tallow Gum) - Middelkop Plantation, Haenertsburg Limpopo Province S 23º 49.187’ E 30º 04.011’ Height: 70m (E paniculata) & 72m (E microrys) & 71m (E maculata) Stem size: 4.07m circ (E paniculata) & 3.78m circ (E microrys) & 3.29m circ (E maculata) Crown size: 21.4m & 17.4m (E paniculata) & 24.2m & 23.5m (E microrys) & 22.7m (E maculata)

59 (209) Gum Tree Corner - Group of exceptionally large gum trees. (Eucalyptus grandis; E maculata etc. -Rose Gum, Spotted Gum etc) KZN Botanical Gardens Pietermaritzburg Kwazulu-Natal S 29° 36' 26.2" E 30° 20' 38.5" Height: 58m Stem size: 6.16m circ Crown size: 41.2m Size index: 521

Eucalyptus camaldulensis (River Redgum)

17 (40) The Irene Champions - Estate land, parts of which were originally bought by General Jan Smuts, with a variety of trees planted since the late 19th century. - Irene Farm Estate, Pretoria, Gauteng S 25º 52' 45.0120'' E 28º 12' 43.9776'' Height: 44 Stem size: 2.57 circ Crown size: 6.44 (* visit by appointment only* )

21 (50) Bergsigt Market Trees - Planted in 1880. Prominent tree providing shade for an entire informal market. - Cnr of Bird and Merriman Streets, Stellenbosch Western Cape S 33º 55.956’ E 18º 51.512’ Height: 34.5m Stem size: 7.3m circ Crown size: 34.1m & 35.9m

47 (154) Ruth Steer Tree - Tree plays a very prominent role in the landscape on the river plateau of Stellenbosch. Same size as the Bergzicht tree and was thus probably also planted ca 1880. - 60 Jonkershoek Avenue Stellenbosch Western Cape S 33o 56.044’ E 18o 53.00’ Height: 33m Stem size: 7.87m circ Crown size: 32.6m & 33.7m Size index: 307

48 (168) Wits Campus Tree - Large Eucalypt planted more than 80 years ago adjacent to the entrance to Johannesburg on the old Rustenburg road which does not exist anymore. - Gavin Relly Green West campus WITS, Johannesburg Gauteng S 26° 11' 15.540" E 28° 1' 30.518" Height: 34m Stem size: 7.45m circ Crown size: 36.4m & 38.7m Size index: 321

55 (199) The Infruitec Gum Tree - Large tree planted about 130 years ago, and now a landmark. - Infruitec, Helshoogte pass, Stellenbosch Western Cape S 33° 55' 23.082" E 18° 52' 11.581" Height: 38.2m Stem size: 9.7m circ Crown size: 34m & 40.1m Size index: 409

56 (200) Wilgenhof Grandfather - Large tree planted about 130 years ago, and now a landmark. - Wilgenhof residence, Victoria Street, Universiteitsoord Stellenbosch Western Cape S 33° 56' 3.241" E 18° 51' 47.689" Height: 30.8m Stem size: 8.5m circ Crown size: 28.1m & 28.4m Size index: 276

68 (271) The Waterkloof Giant - Largest landmark tree of the eastern Pretoria suburbs. Remnant of a plantation taken over by suburban development. - Waterkloof Primary School Pretoria Gauteng S 25º 46' 40.7600'' E 28º 14' 29.1700'' Height: 34 Stem size: 6.783 circ Crown size: 33.72 & 34.82 (* visit by appointment only* )

93 The Plesir de Merle Trees - Grove of very large trees. Plesir de Merle, Simondium, Western Cape

Eucalyptus citriodora (Lemonscent Gum)

46 (152) Paul Roos Trees - Very attractive group of big trees in scenic setting on campus grounds. - Campus of Paul Roos Gymnasium Welgelegen, Stellenbosch Western Cape S 33o 56.25’ E 18o 51.54’ Height: 1) 39m 2) 41m 3) 42m Stem size: 1) 2.4m circ 2) 1.33m circ 3) 1.26m circ Crown size: 1) 21.7m & 22.5m 2) 30.3m & 27.3m 3) 30.3m & 19.9m Size index: 1) 284 (* visit by appointment only* )

Eucalyptus diversicolor (Karri Gum)

40 (128) Brackenhill Gum Trees - Tallest stand of Karri gum in the country, planted in 1922. - Kruisfontein State Forest Harkerville, Western Cape Height: 70m Stem size: 4.6m circ Crown size: 26.34m & 25.2m (* visit by appointment only*)

82 (n.a.) Boschendal Lane. Lane of exceptionally large trees planted more than two centuries ago. Boschendal Estate, Helshoogte Road. Western Cape (added 2015)

Eucalyptus globulus (Blue Gum)

74 (n.a.) The Radyn Tree - Exceptionally large gum tree - The farm Radyn near Villliersdorp, Western Cape. Height: 40,2m Stem size: 1,14m Crown size 27,5m Size index: 225

77 (n.a.) The Welbedacht Tree. Landmark tree on a private nature reserve. Welbedacht Reserve, Tulbagh. Western Cape (added 2015)

80 (n.a.) Houwhoek Inn Tree. Large tree planted in the mid-nineteenth century at the oldest hotel in the country. Off the N2 road, Grabouw. Western Cape (added 2015)

Eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash)

43 (142) Benvie Trees - The tallest tree measured in KwaZulu-Natal midlands to date -a trio of large trees. Situated on the scenic Benvie arboretum established by Scottish emigrant John Geekie more than 80 years ago. - Benvie Farm, New Hanover Kwazulu-Natal S 29º 15.151’ E 30º 22.116’ Height: 61m Stem size: 6.85m circ Crown size: 27.1m & 28.6m (* visit by appointment only* )

Eucalyptus saligna (Sydney Bluegum)

10 (135) The ‘O’Connor tree lane - Very tall tree lane –planted in the 1930s by forestry pioneer AJ O’Connor. Landmark visible from various viewpoints. Situated next to O’Connor’s memorial. - Woodbush Plantation, Haenertsburg, Limpopo Province S 29º 59.121’ E 29º 59.354’ Height: 73m Stem size: 4..28m circ Crown size: 32.1 m Size index: 482

11 (*) (The tallest tree in SA & Africa ) - Stand of Eucalyptus saligna trees planted in 1906 by forestry pioneer AK Eastwood, including the tallest trees in SA and Africa. With the tallest four konwn as the Magoebaskloof Giants. Previous tallest tree in this stand fell in 2006. - Woodbush Plantation, Haenertsburg, Limpopo Province S 23º 48.6’ E 29º 59.02.4’ Height: 1) 79m 2)78.5m Stem size: 1) 3.2m circ 2) 4.28m Crown size: 1) 20.7m 2) 22.7m

19 (46). Westfalia Showblock - Stand of tall trees Eucalyptus saligna trees planted in 1933 by the eminent Dr Hans Merensky. - Westfalia Estate, Tzaneen, Limpopo Province S 23º 43..898’ E 30º 06.506’ Height: 1) 72m 2) 72m 3) 71m Stem size: 1) 3.93m circ 2) 3.91m circ 3) 4.4m circ (tree3) Crown size: 1) 19.3m 14.6m 2) 14.3 m & 12.7m 3) 21.8m & 16.5m (tree3) (
visit by appointment only* )

51 (185) Herbert Baker Chapel Trees -Group of scenic trees standing next to a chapel designed by Sir Herbert Baker. Porter Estate, Orpen Road - Western Cape S 34° 2' 57.900" E 18° 25' 23.340" Height: 1) 33m 2) 31m 3)42m 4) 45m Stem size: 1) 6.14m circ 2) 4.81m circ 3)5.69m circ 4) 5.96m circ Crown size: 1) 26.8m & 27.3m 2) 22.5m 3)26.3m 4) 27.2m & 27.3m Size index: 1) 240 2) 324

61 (237) Saasveld Sentinels - Large eucalypt landmark trees at the scenic Saasveld campus. - Saasveld campus of Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan University Western Cape S 33º 57' 43.4160'' E 22º 32' 06.6480'' Height: 1) 35 2) 39 Stem size: 1) 5.49 circ 2) 4.61 circ Crown size: 1) 29.6 2) 34.2

81 (n.a.) Merensky Lane. Scenic lane of trees planted by the eminent Dr Hans Merensky on the Westfalia Estate in the 1930s. Westfalia Estate, Modjadjiskloof. Limpopo (added 2015)

88 The Dwarsrivierkloof Lane - A lane of very large landmark trees on a farm, planted more than 150 years ago. The farm Dwarsrivierkloof, Winelands District Municipality, Western Cape

Eucalyptus viminalis (Manna Gum Tree)

87 The Frankfort Big Trees - Two very large landmark trees on a farm near the Vaal Dam. The farm Brakwal /Grootdam-Alma 1440, Frankfort, Free State

Ficus anulata (Anulata Fig)

91 The Durban Big Tree - Very large and rare landmark tree in botanical garden. Durban Botanical Gardens, Ethekwini Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal

Ficus benghalensis (Banyan Tree)

92 The Durban Banyan Tree - Very large landmark tree in botanical garden. Durban Botanical Gardens, Ethekwini Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal

Ficus burkei (Common Wild Fig)

54 (196) Umtentweni Giant - Largest Common wild fig in South Africa. - Eden Park, Umtentweni KwaZulu-Natal S 30° 42' 34.910" E 30° 28' 5.511" Height: 21m Stem size: 9.74m circ Crown size: 34.1m Size index: 215 (* visit by appointment only* )

86 The Whisper Tree - Very large tree in the grounds of a guest house. Estimated to be more than 150 years old. Voëlroepers-fontein Guest House, Albertinia, Western Cape

Ficus elastica (Rubber Tree)

84 The Company’s Garden Giant - Large tree forming a focal point to the entry to the Company’s Gardens Company’s Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape

Ficus macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig)

34 (123) Arderne Fig Tree - Largest tree in Western Cape (possibly among the 4 largest trees in SA?) - Arderne Gardens, Claremont Cape Town Western Cape Height: 32.5m Stem size: 11.89m circ Crown size: 44.3m Size index: 423

64 (258) The Zoo Giant - Large landmark tree near the entrance of the National Zoological Gardens. - National Zoological Gardens Pretoria Gauteng S 25º 44' 16.4000'' E 28º 11' 20.6300'' Height: 27 Stem size: 11.94 circ Crown size: 39.7 & 43.1

71 (279) The Kindergarten Giant - Large landmark tree at UCT campus. - University of Cape Town Cape Town Western Cape S 33º 57' 31.1500'' E 18º 27' 28.5800'' Height: 25 Stem size: 16 circ Crown size: 41 (* visit by appointment only* )

75 (n.a.) The Fernwood Trees - Landmark trees of the same vintage as the Arderne Garden trees (about 160 years old). Fernwood Avenue, Newlands, Cape Town, Western Cape. Height: 27,5m Stem size: 3,02m Crown size: 45,5m Size index: 322

Ficus salicifolia (Wonderboom Fig)

3 (3) Wonderboom Fig of Pretoria - Largest Wonderboom Fig. Old (about 1000 years) and historic – Ox wagon outspan area in earlier years, and legend that a local chief was buried under the tree. - Wonderboom Nature Reserve, Lavender Road Tshwane Municipal Council Gauteng S 25º 41.617’ E 28º 11.461’ Height: 22m Stem size: Many sub-trees – 2.56m circ; 3.42m; 4.23m; 2.2m; 2.84m; 2.25m; 7.14m; 1.99m; 2.79m; 2.24m; 3.36m; 3.1m; 3.42m. Crown size: 61.2m & 51.9m Size index: 370

Ficus sur (Broom Cluster Fig)

85 The Sabie River Giant - Very large tree along the Sabie River. Erf 312, Sabie Park Mpumalanga

Ficus sycamorus (Sycamore Fig)

8 (8) Cluster Fig Giant - Currently the largest cluster fig in South Africa, after demise of the largest fig in KwaZulu-Natal - Farm Excellence Mica Hoedspruit Limpopo Province S 24º 10.244’ E 20º 52.262’ Height: 30m Stem size: 1.134m circ Crown size: 38.2m & 38.10m Size index: 336 (* visit by appointment only* )

66 (263) The Ilembe Tree - Very large tree in rural landscape, known as a local landmark since a century ago. - Ilembe District Municipality KwaZulu-Natal S 28º 52' 50.7000'' E 30º 58' 58.7280'' Height: 23 Stem size: 11.49 circ & 2.66 circ & 12.12 circ (23.55 circ just below 1.4m) Crown size: 39.24 & 32.25

Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip Tree)

49 (171) The Baynesfield Tulip Tree - Tree planted by Joseph Baynes in 1882 on the historic Baynesfield Estate. - Baynesfield Estate, Richmond KwaZulu-Natal S 29° 45' 51.933" E 30° 20' 32.617" Height: 34m Stem size: 6.42 circ Crown size: 25.3m & 26.75m Size index: 248

Pinus halepensis (Aleppo Pine)

38 (139) Arderne Aleppo Pine - One of the largest and oldest trees in Arderne Gardens, planted more than a century ago by John Arderne and his son. - S 33 Arderne Gardens, Claremont Cape Town Western Cape Height: 35m Stem size: 5.46m circ Crown size: 31.85 m & 32m Size index: 261

Pinus pseudostrobus (False Weymouth Pine)

63 (256) The Three Matrons - Possibly the largest pine trees in Northern Province, planted in 1914. - Woodbush Forest Estate LImpopo Province S 23º 50' 35.6280'' E 29º 59' 03.2640'' Height: 1) 49.2 2) 50.3 Stem size: 1) 4.93 circ 2) 4.26 circ Crown size: 1) 24.35 2)16.7 Size index: 1) 304 2) 239

Pinus radiata (Monterey Pine)

44 (150) The Eastern Cape Pine - Tallest pine tree in the Eastern Cape. Planted in late 1880s by forest workers as part of an early tree plantation. - Isidenge State forest, near Stutterheim Eastern Cape S 32º 40.049’ E 27º 16.754’ Height: 51m Stem size: 4.74m circ Crown size: 15.5 m Size index: 247 (* visit by appointment only* )

Pinus taeda (Loblolly Pine)

65 (262) The Buffelsnek Pine - Tallest pine tree measured in South Africa. - Buffelsnek State forest Western Cape S 33º 54' 28.5500'' E 23º 09' 17.4000'' Height: 60.1 (* visit by appointment only* )

Platanus acerifolia (London Plane)

16 (36) Tree avenue in KwaZulu-Natal National Botanical Gardens - Tree avenue of exceptionally old plane trees – of historic value – planted in 1908 by Mr WE Marriot (curator). Trees are a central landscape feature of the botanical gardens. - KwaZulu-Natal Botanical Gardens, Pietermaritzburg Kwa-Zulu Natal S 29º 36..381’ E 30º 20.836’ Height: 35m (tree1) & 37m (tree2) & 35m (tree3) Stem size: 4.89m circ (tree1) & 5.59m circ (tree2) & 3.27m circ (tree3) Crown size: 28.7m (tree1) & 33.9m (tree2) & 26.7m (tree3) Size index: 287 (tree2)

Populus deltoids (Cottonwood Tree)

62 (255) The Parktown Tree - The largest Cottonwood tree measured locally, and a remnant of the semi-rural surroundings of Johannesburg which are now built up. - 5a 10th avenue, Parktown North Gauteng Height: 35 (* visit by appointment only* )

Populus nigra (Lombardy Poplar)

24 (61) Ruth Fisher Tree - The tree stands at the site where Ruth Fischer, daughter of Braam Fischer (a prominent founder member of the SA Communist Party) ran a safe house for fugitives from the Apartheid security forces. The tree served as landmark for those seeking this safe house. - Corner of Fawley and Lothbury Avenue Johannesburg Metropolitan Council Gauteng S 26º 10.940’ E 28º 00.401’ Height: 22m Stem size: 3.52m circ Crown size: 5.89m

Quercis cerris (Turkey Oak)

37 (138) Arderne Turkey Oak - One of the largest and oldest trees in Arderne Gardens, planted more than a century ago by John Arderne and his son. - Arderne Gardens, Claremont Cape Town Western Cape Height: 21.56m Stem size: 5.9m circ Crown size: 28.75 m & 29.7m

Quercus robur (English Oak)

22 (51) Ryneveld Oak - Planted in 1812. One of only 5 oak trees remaining from the previous generation of planted oak trees. - 6 Ryneveld Street Stellenbosch Western Cape S 33º 56.297’ E 18º 51.790’ Height: 29m Stem size: 4.67m circ Crown size: 16.25m & 19m

23 (60) Zandvliet Oak - One of the biggest oaks in the district, located at a historic farmhouse of an old wine estate. - Zandvliet Delta Estate Groot Drakenstein S 33º 51.781’ E 18º 59.428’ Height: 22m Stem size: 4.86m circ Crown size: 25.08m (* visit by appointment only* )

29 (89) Slave Rree - Very large oak tree planted in 1811 – one of the biggest in the southern hemisphere. - George Tourism Bureau 124 York Street Western Cape S 33º 57.396’ E 22º 27.546’ Height: 24m Stem size: 5.7m circ Crown size: 29m & 25.8m Tree was damaged

31 (95) Sophiatown Oak - The first individual tree proclaimed as protected under the National Forests Act. Was mutilated and died, but site is still of historic significance. Tree was part of the history of Sophiatown and the struggle against the forced removal of the community in the 1950s. - 8 Bertha Street Sophiatown Johannesburg Metropolitan Council Gauteng S 26º 10.792’ E 27º 58.817’ Height: 18m Stem size: 4.48m circ Crown size:32m Tree Died

33 (109) Northcliff Oak - The largest and perhaps the oldest Oak tree in Gauteng, and an impressive landmark. - Kirchmont Heights, 4 Koelenhof Road, Northcliff Extension 19, Johannesburg Gauteng S 26º 10.78’ E 27º 56.95’ Height: 22m Stem size: 5.96m circ Crown size: 29.4m Size index: 164 (* visit by appointment only* )

42 (133) Vergelegen Oak - Oak tree planted 3 centuries ago – largest and oldest oak tree in the country. Vergelegen Estate, Somerset West, Western Cape S 34º 04.560’ E 18º 53.392’ Height: 14m Stem size: 10.73m circ Crown size: 22.1m Size index: 121

46 (153) Bonniemile Oak - Large oak tree on farmyard next to the original wagon route linking Stellenbosch with Cape Town. Local claim that S vd Stel granted land to his coachmen, who planted the trees. - Bonniemile Stellenbosch Western Cape S 33º 02.31’ E 18º 46.00’ Height: 24m Stem size: 5.16m circ Crown size: 33m & 34m Size index: 178 (* visit by appointment only* )

58 (208) Akkerdraai Oak Tree - Large Oak tree, possibly older than 175 years. Prominent landmark. - Akkerdraai Lodge Annandale Road Stellenbosch Western Cape Western Cape S 33° 59' 48.508" E 18° 49' 46.516" Height: 28m Stem size: 6.1m Crown size: 26m Size index: 213 (* visit by appointment only* )

Quercus suber (Cork Oak)

36 (137) Arderne Cork Oak - One of the largest and oldest trees in Arderne Gardens, planted more than a century ago by John Arderne and his son. Arderne Gardens, Claremont Cape Town Western Cape Height: 15.5m Stem size: 4.4m circ Crown size: 27.08 m & 25.75m Size index: 94

79 (n.a.) Ina Paarman Oak. Tree on the property of Ina Paarman of food condiments fame. Planted in the mid nineteenth century. Constantia Main Road, Constantia. Western Cape (added 2015)

Sequoia sempervirens (Californian Redwood)

50 (175) The Groot-vadersbos Redwood Grove - Stand of tall Redwoods planted at Grootvaders-bosch more than 80 years ago. -Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve Western Cape S 33° 58' 55.581" E 20° 49' 48.709" Height: 1) 57m 2) 58m 3) 66m Stem size: 1) 3.47m circ 2) 4.35m circ 3) 3.2m circ Crown size: 1) 11.2m 2) 12.2m 3) 12.2m Size index: 1) 200 2) 238 3) 232

52 (186) The Table Mountain Grove - Redwood trees planted in 1897 forming a landmark and recreation area for local residents, including tall Monterey pines at the fringe of this grove. -Part of block B18C Tokai plantation, Table Mountain National Park Western Cape Height: 51m Stem size: 3.44m circ Crown size: 15.1

60 (222) Misty Grove - A stand of tall Sequoia trees planted about 80 years ago. - Woodbush Plantation, Haenertsburg Limpopo Province S 23° 59.121’ E 29° 59.354’ Height: 59m Stem size: 3.4mcirc Crown size: 18m

78 (n.a.) Hogsback Redwood Giants. Grove of large Redwood trees planted almost a century ago. Hogsback. Eastern Cape (added 2015)

83 The Harkerville Giants - Tall, scenic redwoods planted in 1925, offering a resting place along a popular cycle track. Harkerville State Forest, Garden Route National Park, Western Cape

Sideroxylon inerme (White Milkwood)

12 (131) Grandfather of Still Bay - Largest milkwood in South Africa, estimated to be about 1000 years old - Langebosch farm Still Bay Western Cape S 34º 22.302’ E 21º 19.245’Height: 14m Stem size: 10.01m circ (at 80cm height where stems start to divide) Crown size: 22.1m & 17.9m (* visit by appointment only* )

13 (32) Mossel Bay Post Office Tree - Historic tree believed to have been the tree in which an old shoe was placed for exchange of messages by Portuguese seafarers in the 16th century - Dias Museum 1 Market Street Mossel Bay Western Cape S 34º 10.819’ E 22º 08.486’ Height: 8.5m Stem size: 2.3m circ; 2.66m (multi-stemmed ) Crown size: 32.1m & 33.7m

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