Regional winners announced!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Boulder-Denver City Nature Challenge! Because this year's CNC was not framed as a competition, but instead a collaborative event that embraces the healing power of nature, we have decided acknowledge standout observations as well as some of our more active participants. Check it out below!

Best Backyard Wildlife Photo
Red Fox by lynaet:

Best Urban Wildlife Photo
American Beaver by carolinewise:

Best Wildlife Coexistence Photo
Canada Goose by jsalzman13:

Best Black-tailed Prairie Dog Photo:
by Lyn Simuns (lsimuns):

Rarest animal observation:
White Mule Deer by Ken Wat (ken47):

Rarest plant observation:
Bell's Twin Pod by Ann Cooper (wordswild):

Best Bird photo:
Swainson's Hawk by msilver2:

Best Mammal Photo:
Red Fox kits by Gary B. (gbarka):

Best Reptile photo:
Bullsnake by Hannah Floyd (cheetahfanatic_29):

Best Amphibian photo:
Western Tiger Salamander by dearmyrah:

Best Insect photo:
Western Honey Bee by Suzanne Dingwell (suzanne11):

Best Plant photo:
Missouri Foxtail Cactus by nimbusshepherd:

A few of this year's City Nature Challenge Superstars:
Jared Shorma (blazeclaw)
Cody Limber (codylimber)
Tina Reimer (tlr06754)
Brian O. (Kleric42)
Willem Van Vliet (willem9)

Congrats to you all! I (Melanie Hill) will be reaching out to each of you individually either through the iNaturalist messenger OR through email to let you know what your prize is and to ask for your mailing address. If you have any questions, please send me an email at

Thanks to all for participating! We were so impressed with your observations and dedication. Remember that the data you submit to iNaturalist supports the essential work of our land and wildlife experts. Keep the observations going by submitting to year-round projects like the State Parks NatureFinder Project or Boulder County Wildlife Project. We need your eyes and expertise!

From your friends at:
The WILD Foundation, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Denver Audubon, Denver Botanic Gardens, The Nature Conservancy, Metro Denver Nature Alliance

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