End of Challenge Day #2

In previous posts, it was stated that, to win the CNCBC 2021 Champ Trophy, you’d need to make the most unique observations of different species over the 4 days of the competition. This would be the leader of Most Species category. If there is a discrepancy between the Most Observations # and the Most Species #, it’s probably because some of the observations remain Unknown. One the unknowns are resolved, over the course of the ID period between May 4-9, then the winner of the CNCBC 2021 Champ Trophy will be determined.

As it stands now, at the end of Day 2, patmeyers has jumped into the lead of Most Observations with 95!

There doesn’t seem to be a winner of the Day 2 CNCBC 2021 Trophy (no one seems to have made an observation of Sassy at Round Lake State Park). If that’s the case, maybe that trophy should be given to the extremely helpful and professional staff at the park to be displayed in their Visitor Center?


How is Northern Rocky Mountain Challenge Trophy competition shaping up?

  • Bonner County now has 727 Observations, 222 Species and 29 Observers.
  • Boise has 1,465 Observations, 338 Species and 91 Observers.
  • Red Lodge has 191 Observations, 99 Species and 19 Observers.
The trophy will be awarded to the site that gets the most Observers per capita. The respective population sizes of the challenges are:
  • Bonner County: 45,739
  • Boise Area: 242,160
  • Red Lodge (Carbon County): 10,725

What does this mean? For Bonner County to be in contention, it will have to at least triple the number of Observers over the final two days of the CNC.

To count as an Observer, all you have to do is make ONE Observation. How do you do it? It’s ridiculously easy:
1) Download the free iNaturalist app.
2) Create an account.
3) Make an observation (usually a photo, but a sound recording counts).
4) Upload it (it will be automatically counted for the CNCBC).

Here’s a good, short video of how to do it:

There’s still time, Bonner County! We’re counting on Garfield, Dover, Sagle, Blanchard, Priest Lake, Priest River, Laclede and Oldtown to get on the map!

If nothing else, take some photos of plants in your backyard!

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