Sassy Clues: Challenge Day #3!!!

In case you missed them, here are the clues to find Sassy today, SUNDAY, May 2 until 6:30 PM*:

  • Location rhymes with Kinnikinnick
  • Location named after husband and wife. Nicky donated the trailhead land in honor of her late husband, Mick
    (*To find Sassy today, you won’t have to walk far. If you don’t see her after walking a little while on the trail, you’ll be SURE to see her on the way back. She’s decided to be a little tricky for Day 3 of the Challenge.)
    And…here are the clues for where you can find on MONDAY, May 3 until 6:30P: Monday is the final day of the CNCBC, so that is last day to win one of the CNCBC Trophies.

  • Location is an Army Corps of Engineers site
  • You can find it by turning at a large lumber yard
  • Near a ferry crossing from over 150 years ago
    After 6:30 PM, she’ll be moved to the next location. Clues for the MONDAY location will be posted here, again, tomorrow morning.
    To qualify to win a CNCBC 2021 Trophy, send an email with CNCBC 2021 in the Subject line to as soon as you’ve made an observation of Sassy and 20 different organisms. Include your name, your iNaturalist user name, and contact information in the body of the email. The principal organizers of the CNCBC - the ones who know where she’ll be hiding - are not eligible to win the “CNCBC 2021” Sasquatch trophies. Previous daily winners cannot win a second daily prize, but they can win the overall “CNCBC Champ 2021” trophy, which will be awarded to the person who makes the most unique observations.
    You can watch the results live from all over the world here:
    And you can watch the Bonner County observations being made here:
    Will we win the Northern Rocky Mountain Challenge Trophy?? Check out our competition:
    -Red Lodge:
    Good Luck, and happy iNatting!

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