Day Four Re-Cap

Woo-hoo, we pulled ahead of Wellington! : )

It's still pretty close, but what a great final day. As of 11:40PM we're on 6562 observations of 1396 species made by 140 observers, with 179 users helping with identifications.

Great effort everyone! We will pull together a news-ier update tomorrow, and provide some additional tips for the upload and ID phase.

While you're kicking back and relaxing tomorrow, you may want to check out the global City Nature Challenge board to see what's happening around the rest of the world. We here in New Zealand are the first to start and finish the event, and all the other participating cities will be rolling across the line over the next 24 hours. Will the global iNaturalist community hit 1,000,000 observations fo this year's Challenge? At the moment the grant total is over 784,000 observations and counting....

Posted by laura-nz laura-nz, May 03, 2021 11:52


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