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April 30th
Backyard Diversity:
April 30th is the first day of the City Nature Challenge! Need some inspiration? Why not start with a backyard blitz! Many native birds either migrate through Regina, or stay around all summer. Check your backyards for Black-capped Chickadees, Red-breasted and White-breasted nuthatches, yellow-rumped warblers and Northern flickers (to name a few!). Check beneath leaf litter (piles of leaves and other organic matter from last year's trees) for centipedes, isopods, spiders, slugs and beetles! Leaf litter provides a rich habitat of decaying plant matter, and is a key component of healthy soils. They also provide food for birds! American Robins can be found rummaging through leaf litter looking for worms or insects. Leaf litter is also an important overwintering habitat for many species (including pollinators). What can you find?

May 1st
Favourite Places:
May 1st is the second day of the City Nature Challenge! We hope you are having as much fun as we are! Today, we are interested in YOUR favourite places to explore nature! Where is your go-to happy place? What species can you find? We asked Dr. Ryan Ficher at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum what a few of his favourite places are to find wildlife in the Regina Area. Here are his responses:
City Hall : Watch for nesting peregrine falcons on the side of City Hall!
The Habitat Conservation Area: Here you can find all sorts of native species including Red-winged black birds, Hungarian partridges, Western painted turtles and White-tailed Jack Rabbits.
AE Wilson Boreal Island: Frequently spotted species include beavers, muskrats, brown creepers, dark-eyed juncos, and gray partridges.
Community gardens area in AE Wilson: Charismatic species such as pelicans, Western meadowlarks and Loggerhead shrikes have been reported in this area!

May 2nd
New Adventures:
Looking for new places to explore within the Regina Area? We’ve got a few suggestions for you! There are many amazing parks and conservation areas in and around Regina.

White Butte Trails (

Wascana Trails (

Hidden Valley (

Fairy Hill (

McKell Wascana Conservation Park (

Condie Nature Refuge

May 3rd
New Adventures:
May 3rd is the LAST day of the City Nature Challenge! Our last feature focuses on parks and nature areas in Regina! You can find many native invertebrates (bees, beetles, worms, etc.), birds (waterfowl, song birds, hawks), turtles, beavers, and plants in urban ecosystems.

Check out this link to find a park/nature area near you:

Please be mindful of the current public health measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 and be sure to practice social distancing, mask use, proper handwashing techniques. If you are considering exploring these areas with friends and family, please limit groups to 10 people or less. To ensure the safety of our community, if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling unwell, we suggest limiting your participation to your homes and backyards.

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