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The Natural Resources Management Program (NRMP) of the Houston Parks & Recreation Department has selected 10 acres at Clinton Park to restore to coastal prairie habitat. Funded by a National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Grant and partnering with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the NRMP had the area seeded with native grasses in May 2016 by our friends from Wildlife Habitat Federation. Wildflower seeds will be planted in the fall of 2016 and many community planting events are scheduled to follow. NRMP interns have been spending time at the Clinton Park Community Center working with the kids to educate them on the importance of native prairie habitat. Next time you're in the area let us know what plants and animals you see in our prairie and check out our newly installed pollinator garden next to the community center!

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The 10 acre prairie restoration site was previously mowed park land that was not being used for recreational purposes. It doesn't appear that the site has been filled and contains drainage features that can be seen from historical and current aerial imagery. This site stays pretty wet for most of the year and will make an excellent prairie wetland! Let us know the vegetation and wildlife you ...more ↓

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