Finding reptiles and amphibians at home

In these days of stay-at-home orders you can still make a big contribution to helping us get data in Columbia County. Many species of reptiles and amphibians are found right around the home if you know where to look. Here are a few little tricks for searching them out.

Objects around the home

The first place to look is underneath things. Not just anything - the best objects tend to be those that have been lying around undisturbed. Carefully lift up the object by the corner (so you don't crush whatever might be living there) and see what's underneath!

Amphibians need moisture, they tend to be found under logs, woodpiles, rocks, and other large objects that keep a nice seal so the soil below them has remained moist. I found this Oregon Ensatina under an old mat that sat in the shade next to a decorative log.

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We are completing an inventory of reptiles and amphibians in Columbia County, Oregon - every salamander, newt, frog, toad, turtle, lizard, and snake in the county.

We want to record as many species as possible from as many different portions of the county as possible. Our ultimate goal is to combine this data with other observations from other sources in order to publish a report on ...more ↓

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