Do you want to survey turtles with us?

We're looking for people who want to survey turtles for the Columbia County Reptiles and Amphibians project. The commitment would be to visit a potential turtle site 3 times this spring/summer for 30 minutes each visit and report what you find. Both land-based and boat-based survey sites are available.

Our first training is next Tuesday, April 12, at 2pm at Trojan Park. The link to sign up is below. If you can't make this training but are still interested, let me know and we can work something out.

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We are completing an inventory of reptiles and amphibians in Columbia County, Oregon - every salamander, newt, frog, toad, turtle, lizard, and snake in the county.

We want to record as many species as possible from as many different portions of the county as possible. Our ultimate goal is to combine this data with other observations from other sources in order to publish a report on ...more ↓

jonhakim created this project on January 25, 2019
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