The Best Time of Year for Herping

We're starting to see the sun again and with it the reptiles are coming out of their winter slumber. As Spring progresses we enter the best time of year for herping when the full spectrum of amphibians and reptiles can be found, many times in the same area. This time of the year most of the herps are moving from their winter grounds to breeding grounds making them easier to come across. The next month or so is money for finding snakes on a bike path, salamanders under some bark on hike, and tadpoles or egg masses in ponds. Much like us Oregonians, the reptiles are desperate for a little sunshine and can be found soaking up the sun in open areas which makes herping easy. Keep an eye out on the ponds for any turtles basking on logs, we only have a handful of locales in the county where we've seen turtles so any sightings are valuable to the project. We will be providing an update soon on the project's progress with some exciting finds! Keep up the great work everyone!

Posted by mattyd112 mattyd112, April 11, 2021 06:18


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