Half-Earth: How to Save the Natural World

“Each project is special unto itself. Each requires knowledge and love of the local environment shared by partnerships of scientists, activists, and political and economic leaders. To succeed, it needs every bit of their entrepreneurship, courage, and persistence.” - Edward O. Wilson

The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation’s mission is to foster a knowing stewardship of our world through biodiversity research and education initiatives that promote and inform worldwide preservation of our biological heritage. We believe that by enhancing our public understanding of biodiversity, we can foster a culture of stewardship in which people are inspired to conserve and protect the natural world.

The Half-Earth Project, a program of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, has science at its core and our transcendent moral obligation to the rest of life at its heart. In collaboration with our partners, we are working to power one of the grandest conservation efforts of our ...more ↓

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Species are the foundation of a healthy planet. Today, they are going extinct at an alarming rate. As species go extinct, ecosystems falter and fail, impacting the entire planet. Half-Earth offers a solution to the extinction crisis that will allow species and people to thrive together. You can be a part of this effort.

Sign the Half-Earth Pledge: ...more ↓

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