Help us inventory plants at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens!

The Daniel Boone Native Gardens were designed to showcase plants native to North Carolina. Only some of these have labels though, and often visitors and volunteers alike are wondering: What plant is this? Is it native? Is it a weed? Some plants may even have been mislabeled in the past. The history of the Gardens goes back to the 60s when 'native' wasn't well defined and therefore a variety of garden cultivars may have been introduced. You can help sort these out by taking pictures at the Gardens to document the plants you find or suggesting identifications!

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This project aims to collect an inventory of plants found at the Daniel Boone Native Gardens with the following goals in mind:

  1. Provide a plant list and information to visitors for self-guided tours around the Gardens
  2. Verify plant species identifications to help with correct placement and updating of plant labels
  3. Assist volunteers with the
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