Comment Template for Diospyros texana observations without gall mite observation

Here's a general comment (English & Spanish) I use for people with a persimmon observation but without a duplicate observation for the gall mites.

@ Would you mind duplicating this observation and tagging me in it for the gall mites (the pimple-like fuzzy bumps on the leaves). It is an undescribed species in the family Eriophyidae and I am working on getting a distribution map for it and want to add it to my project: Diospyros texana (Texas persimmon) Galls. Thanks!

¿Le importaría duplicar esta observación y etiquetarme en ella para el ácaro (las protuberancias borrosas en forma de granos en las hojas). Es una especie no descrita y estoy trabajando para obtener un mapa de distribución para ella y quiero agregarlo a mi proyecto: Diospyros texana (caqui ...more ↓

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A project to compile all the observations of the undescribed arthropod species (mite) that is causing pimple-like galls on the leaves of Diospyros texana (Texas persimmon).

Please use "Diospyros_texana_galls" for the "Similar Observation Set" Observation Field, and Diospyros texana should be the taxon for the "Host Plant ID" Observation Field.

Thanks to the ...more ↓

austinrkelly created this project on December 17, 2020
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