Results from long term Dragon Search South Australia image data show remarkable insights into leafy seadragon life history.

Hi divers,

It has been a long time between posts, but over the past year we have entered another active phase of the long term community Dragon Search South Australia project. Thanks so much to the 60 divers who have posted their records to the project. Every record counts, and is utilised in some way. We are now analysing around 6,000 leafy seadragon records from SA, using a suite of 40 visual markers. Records date between 2011 and 2023, but available photos prior to 2011 are currently too sporadic and few for analysis. This current phase of analysis builds on the initial 2013-2018 results from Rapid Bay, but also now includes seadragon populations from Second Valley, Edithburgh and several other locations, and larger suite of ID markers. Many of the recent records are on this Dragon Search South Australia project page on iNaturalist, and these plus previous records are also being migrated to a searchable visual database, maintained by citizen science project members ...more ↓

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This is a project page for divers to add images of seadragons photographed at specific locations in South Australia.

Community-based seadragon research has been undertaken in South Australia since 1995. The Dragon Search program commenced in SA at that time, and later expanded to 4 other States, with the support of numerous government agencies, NGOs, and dive businesses. ...more ↓

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