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Dear Lichen Lovers of Planet Earth!

This project could be an awesome clearing house for observations of lichens - but in order to become that, we need to get more participation from all of our lichen-loving friends here on iNaturalist. Please reach out and tell them we are here. Because it is not yet taxonomically easy to make this into an automaticized new-style project, we need to remind folks about its presence. Thanks for all you are doing to document and appreciate our lichenized planet.

Jennifer Rycenga, California, USA

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The purpose of this project is to document, demonstrate and propagate the whole entire diversity of Lichens ou our planet. Earth's Lichen's project is the way to develop a worldwide network of Lichen ethusiasts, so they can learn together and help each-other out when it comes to challenging identifications.

Lichens are widely available almost everywhere. Studying lichens may become a ...more ↓

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