Final call for data

Hello everyone. We're looking forward to downloading a final dataset from iNaturalist this winter. Here's a relevant message from Erin White, Project Coordinator:

Hi All, Thanks to all of you who have submitted photos to iNaturalist and specimens to us already. We have had a lot of activity on iNaturalist with now over 20,000 observations! Several participants have turned in data forms and specimens from your summer survey work. Everyone has done a fabulous job with pinning and note-taking. Thanks for helping to document native pollinator records!

If you have any late-season finds (or still have photos or specimens), now is the time to get your data in. We need to receive all photos, data sheets and specimens by Friday, November 30th. It is important to receive your information soon so experts can work on identification and we have time to analyze and write up a final report on the project, as this is our last year.

Please contact me at if you have forms and specimens to submit and please be sure to upload your pollinator photos to iNaturalist. Please refer to the Participant Handbook and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

We appreciate your help!


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