Message from Project Coordinators

Hi All, Thank you for your continued interest in the Empire State Native Pollinator Survey. This is a reminder that we will be accepting photo observations for all years until the end of September. Recall that we will not be accepting specimen vouchers this year, but please upload your photos of native pollinators by Sept. 30, 2021 to our iNaturalist page: ( Please ensure your pollinator observations are included in the Survey by getting them in by this deadline. We will be analyzing the data collected during the ESNPS this fall and writing a final report and conducting our conservation status assessment this winter and spring.

In addition, if you are skilled in identification of any of our focal taxa, please lend your talents to identifying photos! Here's a link to a query of our focal taxa in NY that have "Needs ID" rather than "Research Grade": While some of these may not be identifiable, many probably are.

All the best,

Erin and Matt

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