Look for Firebugs during the City Nature Challenge!

Keep an eye out for European firebugs during the City Nature Challenge 2020! Our community has recently posted some exciting observations of firebugs in new locations like Logan, Pleasant View, Heber, Coalville, Payson, and Cedar Fort. Are populations becoming established in these areas? Are there other populations yet to be identified? Help us find out!

The City Nature Challenge runs from April 24-April 27. You can find out more about The Wasatch team of eight Utah counties led by the Natural History Museum of Utah here: Any observations you make in one of the participating counties will automatically be added to the City Nature Challenge.

Of course, you can post your observations of firebugs anytime. We're excited to see where you find them next!

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Help the Natural History Museum of Utah track the dispersal of the Pyrrocohoris apterus population that appeared in Salt Lake City in approximately 2008. Pyrrocohoris apterus, commonly known as the European firebug, is native to Europe. For a decade, the only documented population in the entire western hemisphere was in northern Utah. (Now there is a thriving population in Toronto, too.) Your ...more ↓

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