September 30, 2019

1,000 Observations!

Congratulations fellow explorers! We've just surpassed 1,000 observations in the Hilochee WMA project. Documenting the life of this huge wild landscape in close proximity to highly-developed areas matters, and you all have helped FWC get a better grasp on the plants and animals found here. There is still a lot more to discover, however, and you all can help be our eyes and ears to document the life that's waiting to be found.

Thank you all for your contributions!

Keep exploring,

Pete Kleinhenz

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October 30, 2017


Welcome to FWC’s Nature Tracker program! If you’ve joined this project, you’re officially on the team. Every observation that you submit moves us closer to an understanding of what species we share our state with and where they may be found. We appreciate your help with enhancing our ability to conserve Florida’s natural heritage.

Interested in volunteering to serve as a project curator? Please email for further details.

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