Expanding Flower-Visiting Wasps Project

Hi iNaturalist wasp community!

This project has provided great insight into the association/interaction between wasps and flowers in North America (Canada & US). Indeed, this project has grabbed the attention of UK based project - Big Wasp Survey (BWS) – as it aligns with their existing citizen science project to study wasps as pollinators.

Pollination is just one of the many useful ecosystem services wasps provide. But we don’t know much about which flowers benefit from wasp pollination, or which wasps are most important as pollinators. So, working with the BWS team we are aiming to expand the geographical scope of this project to global observations, to discover more wasp-flower interactions/associations.

The name of the project will change (to Flower Visiting Wasps of the World) to ...more ↓

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A citizen-scientist project to gather information on flower visitation (and visitation to extra-floral nectaries) by social, solitary, and parasitic wasps around the world. Please list the plant species, the scientific name is preferred but if you're unsure please add at least a common name.

seirian created this project on December 07, 2017
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