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December 23, 2019

One step at a time. Step 1:

Footzoom is being initiated to encourage people to observe what is around them while using human-powered transport to arrive at that observation. The forms of human-powered transport to consider but are not limited to are walking, running, swimming, skating, skiing, sailing, rowing, paddling, bicycling, skateboarding, and any similar combination you enjoy. The forms of travel not to include are electric and hydrocarbon powered (such as natural gas, petroleum, and coal) motors/engines/turbines. Access modes for those limited as the result of illness, injury, and/or challenges are okay (for instance electric wheelchairs).

This could mean just stepping out of your door and recordings things in your neighbourhood. You could observe just the once or repeat tomorrow and the next. Observations may be as a result of walking down to the beach and going for a sail, paddle or swim. Maybe you went on a 10-day bike ride and observations are the result of that journey. Maybe you snowshoed, skated, or Nordic skied somewhere -as long as you did not arrive close to this destination by car and then snowshoed, skated, or Nordic skied the rest of the way and then returned home again by car.

Looking forward to seeing observations and species varieties rise.

Everyone is welcome. Enjoy yourselves.

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