Thank you everyone!

Now that it is officially fall and the Ginkgo leaves are beginning to turn yellow and drop, everyone at Fossil Atmospheres wants to take a moment to thank all of you for your willingness to be part of the team that successfully captured a geographically diverse moment in time for Ginkgo biloba. We have received over 320 packages containing over 550 individual samples, making Fossil Atmospheres more successful than we hoped it could be!

We intended for most of the samples to come from the United States; thanks to you we received samples from 40 states in the Continental USA. We also got samples from 5 foreign countries: Canada, France, Romania, the Ukraine, and Japan. That is a great geographic dataset and we love it!

Thanks for following our scientific protocol. We appreciate that you took the time to take pictures, collect the data on the tree, and navigate the iNaturalist interface to link all that data to the project. Most of the samples have all of the ...more ↓

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In August of 2019, scientists at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History asked citizen scientists all over the United States to collect Ginkgo leaves and mail them to Washington DC as part of the Fossil Atmospheres project. In response, we got hundreds of packages!

Now that the Ginkgo leaves have fallen, the Fossil Atmospheres team is transitioning to the next phases of ...more ↓

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