We're going to be published!

Great news! After a veeeery long time, the research project that started FungiSight is heading to the printers!

The American-based scientific journal, Mycologia, has accepted our manuscript and is in the process of editing and formatting our proofs for publication! This research article, titled "A field-based investigation of simple phenol variation in Australian Agaricus xanthodermus," includes sightings made by Australian citizen scientists to answer the question of why yellow stainers seem to be sometimes poisonous and sometimes not.
I'm sharing the process as it happens over on the FungiSight Instagram and Facebook pages, but I'll keep you posted here too!

While we're thinking about research and publication, how long do YOU think research takes from start to publication? Months? Years? Decades?
I'd love it if you could share your thoughts and/or experiences with me via one of these two surveys? I'll create some infographics to share the results! It should only take 3-5 minutes to complete.



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