Eurobodalla nest-tube project

Some of you are involved in the Eurobodalla nest tube project. Nest-tubes are being placed near known or likely hollows as Gang-gangs appear to like nesting near each other. In addition the entrance and depth measurements from any new hollows that you help find will help refine future nest tube design.

You can read more about the nest tube project at

We have our first birds on eggs in Canberra and Campbelltown and it is likely that most pairs will commence nesting within the next two weeks. Gang-gang activity will slow down during this period with birds being less noticeable for the next 5-7 weeks or so.

Cheers Michael Mulvaney

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Gang-gangs are declining. It is unknown why. Locating nest hollows allows comparison of breeding success and testing of potential causes (hollow competition, possum predation, climate change).

Across the Gangs-gangs national distribution there has been a 69% decline in its reporting rate within the last three decades. The decline is uneven. Some populations appear stable while ...more ↓

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