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We are lucky enough to have an amazing, wild backyard at the rim of Cuenca. It is about 30m wide and 120m long, ending at the shores of the Tomebamba river. The left border is formed by a little but steadily flowing brook. Along the right border is a tiny trench, often also filled with some water or at least moist and overgrown. Both our direct neighbours left and right have a couple of cows grazing on a pasture.
The garden is divided in what I would call "the upper backyard", which lies considerably higher then the rest of it and is pretty dry. There is a little artifical pond, where one can observe tatpoles and dragonflys all year round. The "lower backyard" towards the river make up 2/3 of the backyard and has some pretty moist, almost swampy regions. In the parts of the backyard down there, which usually not get flooded, one can find quite some burrows of bird spiders and cosnequently also several Pepsis wasps flying around there.

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A small private project that started out to determine the variability of Gastrotheca cuencana in my backyard. Since Covid-19 hit and lockdown started, it evolved in a little capture/re-capture (only with pictures) project, as colouration and markings of individuals showed to be so distinct that it is possible to make individual identifications.

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