Thanks + info for roadkill coyotes

We have been quiet lately but please know we are logging these observations and they are very useful! Thank you everyone who has participated and keep them coming!

If you find a roadkill coyote, we are building a specimen and genetic collection at the American Museum of Natural History. Please contact with with a detailed location, contact information, and a picture if possible.

Do not pick it up. Handling wildlife – even roadkill – is illegal in New York State.

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Have you seen a coyote, a red fox, or a gray fox in NYC's five boroughs, Nassau, or Suffolk County? Please let us know!

The Gotham Coyote Project has studied the expansion of coyotes into NYC and Long Island since 2010 ( We are also interested in the distribution of fox (red and gray) in the five boroughs ...more ↓

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