THE FYNBOS BIOME (comprising Fynbos & Renosterveld)

Fynbos Biome

The distribution of Fynbos & Renosterveld in southern Africa

The Fynbos Biome is considered by many to be synonymous with the Cape Floristic Region or Cape Floral Kingdom. However, the "biome" refers only to the two key vegetation groups (Fynbos and Renosterveld) within the region, whereas both the "region" and the "kingdom" refer to the general geographical area and include other vegetation types in the Forest, Nama Karoo, Succulent Karoo and Thicket Biomes, but exclude peripheral outliers of the Fynbos Biome such as the Kamiesberg, North-western and Escarpment Mountain Renosterveld and Grassy Fynbos east of Port Elizabeth. However, the contribution of Fynbos vegetation to the species richness, endemicity and fame of the region is so overwhelming, that the Cape Floristic Region and Cape Floral Kingdom can be considered to be "essentially ...more ↓

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To facilitate the documenting of s Afr habitats for observations to summarize the data.

Please fill in the biome level habitats for your observation.

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