Obscuring sensitive species data

We have had some questions about obscuring locations for sensitive species.

iNaturalist automatically obscures 1) Listed species 2) G1/G2 species as determined by NatureServe ranking and 3) any IUCN threatened species.

We are working with the iNaturalist administration to add several species high on the black market trade or with closed seasons to this list (such as Sonoran Desert Tortoise and Rosy Boas).

We encourage you to set your geoprivacy settings to "obscured" for any records you feel should be sensitive. As the project owners, we will still get the exact coordinates to use in wildlife management decisions.

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This project has been created to help Arizona's Heritage Data Management System collect site specific observations of all species in Arizona as a part of our Point Observation Database. Traditionally, the HDMS has been a repository for site locations of sensitive species in Arizona, but has recently expanded by also maintaining a database that includes all species.

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