The project was established to document distribution and abundance of Aculeates in Hong Kong, except Ants (Formicidae). Please add observations in the following taxa only :
1- Apoidea
2- Apoid wasps
3- Vespoidea
4- Chrysidoidea

31 December 2019: 1942 observations in 2019 (4614 total), 29 new species (178 total) and lots more people contributing. 2019 has overtaken 2018 as a record year of number of Aculeates recorded, the trend is interesting and I hope 2020 will see more participation. Thanks all for contributing!

31 December 2018 ; 1447 observations in 2018 (2672 total), 29 new species (149 total) and 324 people contributing. 2018 is a record year for Bees and Wasps observations in HK, more than doubling the previous years observations. Great work all!

31 December 2017; 520 observations in 2017 (1225 total), 7 new species (120 total) and 85 people contributing, still going strong! Thanks all for your inputs and looking forward to ...more ↓

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To document bees and wasps (non Ant Aculeates), their distribution and abundance in Hong Kong

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