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more "progress" - this time another commonly observed taxon in Hong Kong that has been attributed to the species alikangiae Strand, 1917, until recently in Lyclene and latterly of Miltochrista

There is a recent paper that looks at the alikangiae species group - Volynkin & Černý, 2020 (most of which can be seen on Zenodo - that places this group into a newly described genus: Huangilene. So we now have to refer the Hong Kong taxon to the genus Huangilene. So far, so good. Even I can manage that!

Now is where it pays to be a bit more attentive.
The abstract of Volynkin & Černý, 2020, is as follows (my paragraph formatting to make it easier to follow, with figure numbers from the paper's illustrations (added at the ...more ↓

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To document the moth species in Hong Kong, as well as their distribution and abundance within Hong Kong, with an aim to assess the conservation status of each species.
Also, this project contributes to the bigger picture for all Asia - the Moths of Asia umbrella project on iNat.

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