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Grim news for fans of Trabala vishnou

I've checked in the two key books:
► Zolotuhin & Pinratana, 2005, Moths of Thailand 4: Lasiocampidae
► Liu & Wu, 2006, Fauna Sinica Insecta 47: Lasiocampidae
and find we have Trabala pallida for sure, and probably no T. vishnou.

male pallida is relatively small, and has the costal end of the medial fascia turning inwards, whereas in vishnou, the end of the fascia meets the costa pointing out to the apex.

females not so easy, but most pallida elsewhere appear to have an extra half fascia - the sub-basal is present on the dorsal half of the forewing, creating a "sub-basal eye spot" that is lacking in female vishnou.

The grim part is there are nearly 250 HK observations of Trabala on iNat, many of which are larvae. I have no idea how larvae of pallida and ...more ↓

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To document the moth species in Hong Kong, as well as their distribution and abundance within Hong Kong, with an aim to assess the conservation status of each species.
Also, this project contributes to the bigger picture for all Asia - the Moths of Asia umbrella project on iNat.

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