Welcome to the I-390 pollinator partnership between NYS DOT and Seneca Park Zoo Society.

Nationally, creation of butterfly habitats is being encouraged to mitigate the decline of monarch (Danaus plexippus) butterflies and other pollinator species. In the Rochester area, the Seneca Park Zoo Society has a Butterfly Beltway Program specifically for this purpose. In 2015, the zoo society was looking for ways to expand the footprint of its program. Simultaneously, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Rochester Region was examining ways to conserve naturally regenerating wildflowers, specifically milkweed (Asclepia sp.) within the rights of way (ROW) of the region’s highways. The ROW includes the vegetated area that extends from the shoulder of the road out to the fence line or property limit.
The vegetated portion of the ROW can vary from just a few feet to hundreds of feet, depending on the highway type. The common conservation mission between the zoo society and NYSDOT has led to collaboration in the I-390 Pollinator Project.
This iNaturalist project is to track observations within the reclaimed, modified mowing area that was chosen as the pilot site for the pollinator project.

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Excellent! Looking forward to seeing those pollinators!

Posted by sambiology about 5 years ago (Flag)

Thanks @sambiology . We have three days of bioblitzes planned at the Northbound and Southbound rest areas when people stop. We will be using the planted gardens and reclaimed areas at the rest stops for these. Great work as an Urban Biologist, we are also starting an urban ecologist program at the Zoo for our urban youth. Maybe we can pick your brain sometime?

Posted by senecaparkzoo about 5 years ago (Flag)

Absolutely! Let me know if I can be of any help! :)

One of the big things for the bioblitz is follow up — be sure to capture folks’ email addresses — they need to see their data points on the big map to know how they’ve contributed. That’s super important. :)

Posted by sambiology about 5 years ago (Flag)

Exactly. We use a CRM system to actually track the observations from before iNat/GBIF/BOLD submission so we can follow up with everyone that takes part.

Posted by senecaparkzoo about 5 years ago (Flag)

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