8,057 unidentified observations in Illinois in 2020

As of 4 Dec. at 1:48PM, there are 8,057* observations made in Illinois in 2020 that have no label at all!

Ways to help with the backlog:

  • Add an ID; even if a "coarse" one like kingdom or family - it can help bring it to the attention of identifiers of these groups
  • Mark as captive/cultivated if appropriate (keyboard shortcut on the Identify page is x
  • Use the Frequently Used Responses for issues that commonly pop up

View a quick tutorial on how to efficiently use the Identify page here.

Happy IDing!

*And that's just Needs ID obs! There are even more casual obs, e.g. of cultivated plants, which are outside the scope of this project. Interested in IDing those? Here's a link.

Posted by bouteloua bouteloua, December 04, 2020 19:50


Down to 3,952 for 2020 and 4,056 for all-time!

Posted by bouteloua over 1 year ago (Flag)

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