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Amazing job to everyone who participated in the City Nature Challenge 2018: Boston Area! Together, 510 people have collected 955 invasive plant observations in our region. Thanks to your hard work, garlic mustard was the third most documented species in the project and Japanese knotweed was the sixth. See more of the Challenge results at:

Even though the City Nature Challenge has concluded for 2018, the Invasive Alert data quest is still going. This is a continuous data collection project, meaning your observations will contribute to an important research and land management efforts throughout the year. Let's keep up the momentum and observe even more occurrences of our local non-native and invasive plants!

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Welcome to Invasive Alert! This is one of six data quests run by the Boston City Nature Challenge. The goal of this quest is to document two species non-native plants that live in our region: Japanese knotweed and garlic mustard.

By recording the presence of these invasive species, you will help local managers locate their populations and facilitate management strategies. Invasive ...more ↓

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