Welcome Aboard! (Coastal Plain Volunteers Needed)

For those of you who have just joined the project, welcome! Also, welcome to the two additional curators of this project: @eraskin and @milopyne!

A little bit about the idea and genesis of this project:
After many years of keeping nature journals and logs, I recently began to search for an online service/app I could use to go paperless. Out of all of the services I surveyed, I found iNaturalist to be the most active community-wise and easiest to use app-wise.

I started this project out of frustration with uploading invasive plant sightings via spreadsheets to SEEDN (Southeast Early Detection Network). I found their app to be clunky as well, and desired a more community-based approach in order to more effectively synthesize data with the hope of bulk-exporting to SEEDN and other databases. The community-reviewed ...more ↓

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Please see the new collective iNaturalist project devoted to this topic:

For an in-depth iNaturalist Guide related to this project, click here: ...more ↓

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