Project Mission - REPORT black (& pale) swallow-wort

Black (& pale) swallow-wort are voracious vines that wrap around - or strangle - other plants as well as themselves - thus giving them the lovely name of "dog-strangling vine."

Pale and black swallow-wort look very similar when not in flower. Both species have long, oval, opposite leaves that are green and waxy, measuring about 3-4 inches long by 2-3 inches wide. The leaves of pale swallow-wort tend to be a slightly lighter shade of green than black swallow-wort.

Flowers of both species are small and star-like. Pale swallow-wort has a pink to maroon flower with petals that have a narrow base, whereas black swallow-wort flowers are a deep purple-black and have petals with a wider base.

However, during the month of August, flowers are no longer this plant’s key ID feature. Instead. you’ll be looking for their long, slender seed pods that kind of resemble string beans on a vine.

In terms of habitat, black and pale swallow-wort tolerate a variety of ...more ↓

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