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Kindly add your Salticidae observations to the project, especially if they are tightly cropped, clear images that show some detail. An estimate of body length is always useful, if available. Notes on the substrate and habitat are helpful too.

Don't worry about the ID too much.
We'll deal with that on an ongoing basis. New species of jumping spiders are found at an impressive rate, and photographs are now often included in scholarly articles.

The classification schemes for Salticidae are a bit confusing at the moment. Hence, using subfamilies and tribes are presently not helpful in the iNat context. We'll try to establish a genus and if lucky, the species. If you are interested in the debate, check out the two schemes that are on the table in 2018. Both papers contain many photographs of live specimens:

Prószyński, J. 2017. Pragmatic Classification of The World's Salticidae (Araneae).
Free PDF 20MB: ...more ↓

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To provide an easy-to find reference collection African Salticidae observations.

This project started with southern Africa as the location. I considered expanding it to include East Africa since many genera and species are shared with that region. Wherever I placed the boundary there were reasons to expand it Northwards and Westwards. Next, I considered "Sub-Saharan Africa" but then ...more ↓

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