POLL: New Observation Field - host plant identification

Hello caterpillar-rearing friends,

I have a question: I am considering adding a new Observation Field to this project to record host plant the observed caterpillar fed on in one single location. This will make it easier for any interested parties to analyse data down the track, and encourages users to note down this important information.

In the spirit of recycling, I have looked at some existing Observation Fields that could be used and they fall broadly into two categories - free text fields or taxon fields.

Name of Host Plant: [text]
Caterpillar host plant (text field): [text]
Host plant: ...more ↓

Posted on August 09, 2021 13:24 by claudiarose claudiarose | 12 comments | Leave a comment
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A project for collating documented rearings of Australian larval lepidoptera (caterpillars) through to adult (imago) stages.

Please consider linking observations with the Observation field "Similar observation set". One popular method is to take the observation ID (set of numbers at the end of the Observation URL) of the first observation in the series (e.g. the caterpillar when first ...more ↓

claudiarose created this project on September 22, 2020
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