Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Life Responds solar eclipse project! We hope you enjoyed the eclipse AND enjoyed watching an organism or two (or more!) around you to see if had any response to the eclipse.

We're currently going through all your observations, reading what you wrote in your notes, comparing to other observations, seeing where everyone was when they made observations... with an amazing 2693 observations uploaded (so far!), it's going to take us a little bit to go through them all! But definitely check back here in a couple weeks, since we'll be posting up interesting finds, unusual observations, and other results.

Thanks again so much - we're so excited to see what all of us working together, observing, and being curious uncovers about plant & animal responses to solar eclipses!

And if there's something really amazing you saw that you'd like to share with everyone, feel free to write it in the comments to this journal post - we'd love to hear stories about your experiences and what you saw during the eclipse!

-Elise, Rebecca, & Alison

Posted by kestrel kestrel, August 30, 2017 18:54



Hi fellow Citizen Scientists!

I had such a great time participating in this project. It let me experience the Solar Eclipse in a way that I would never have thought about. I wrote a blog post about my observations and the influence it had on me. I hope you take a minute to read it!

I'm really looking forward to reading the results from the project!

Thanks, Laura Becraft

Posted by laurabecraft about 2 years ago (Flag)

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