How to record?

The whole university has been separated into 21 regions. Please choose a region and record all the plants you found. When you doing the field work, please use your smartphone to take a clear photo of the leaves, flower (if applicable), and the whole plant (if possible) and record the following information:

  1. Region (Please refer to the map )
  2. Exotic or Native? (Choose one, or if you don't know just leave it "NA" first and change it after someone identified it)
  3. Plant life stage (pollen/seed/seedling/juvenile/adult)
  4. Canopy Height (0.3-2m/2-5m/5-12m/12-25m/>25m)
  5. Did you note any insect damage from herbivores on the plant? (Yes, please describe/No)
  6. Insect presence (If you see insects, please record what it is doing -
  7. ...more ↓
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To investigate the plant community of Lincoln University.

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