NPS eyes plant growth in Santa Monica Mountains following fire.

Many of the park’s oak trees, valley and live oak, were fully burned by the fire, from top to bottom. It remains to be seen is whether they will ultimately die or resprout with the winter rains. Park scientists say not all will survive, unfortunately. It makes a difference how deeply the burn got inside the tree itself. In this droughted environment the ones that hold the most promise for survival may be the ones that have the best access to water.

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The Los Angeles River Watershed covers a land area of 834 square miles and runs 55-miles long. The western portion spans from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Simi Hills and in the east from the Santa Susana Mountains to the San Gabriel Mountains. The watershed encompasses and is shaped by the path of the Los Angeles River, which flows from its headwaters in the mountains eastward to the ...more ↓

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