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May 07, 2021

Bats of Gotham (aka Chicago)

Chicago, often nicknamed Gotham City, is truly a city filled with bats! Learn more about the wonderful bats that can be found in our city and how we study them in the video and blog post linked below.



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May 02, 2021

Team shoutout!

Shoutout to the LPZ bioblitz team for your contributions to the Chicago City Nature Challenge project! It's great to see familiar names on the leaderboard :-)

Out of 629 observers city-wide, y'all have the following rankings as of today:

Irmela: #3!
ele729: #4!
airella_d: #8!
susan1149: #37
munozjaen_: #51
thefreys: #100

This is amazing! We're well on track to beat our previous LPZ BioBlitz records with 484 observations so far (and two full days to go). What will you see today?? Keep it up, naturalists!

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May 01, 2021

Why do animals live in cities?

We're spending the weekend observing wildlife, but why do animals choose to live in cities? This article by LPZ scientists breaks down that complex question for young readers.

Comment below: when did you first become aware of urban wildlife in your city?

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Check out City Nature Challenge events in the Chicago WIlderness region!

Chicago is the "City in a Garden", and there are lots of great green spaces to explore this weekend! Check out this link to register for in-person, outdoor events sponsored by City Nature Challenge partners. You can take a bird walk, explore lagoons and prairies, and more. Each event will observe social distancing and COVID-19 safety measures.

Comment below- are you planning to go to any of these events? Let us know how they went!

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May 03, 2021

Trees of interest

Did you know that Lincoln Park Zoo is an accredited arboretum? Learn more about trees of interest on zoo grounds! Our helpful guide can help you identify trees in your own backyard, too.

Comment below: do you have a favorite tree in your neighborhood?

This is our last day to collect data, and it looks like there are some severe storms on the way in the evening. Try to get out for a walk in the morning or over lunch to log a few more sightings!

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May 04, 2021

Ready, set, identify!

Congrats to everyone on a weekend full of observations! Together, we logged 993 observations of 373 species. This was a great contribution to scientists worldwide!

What's next? Let's use this week to make sure each observation has an identification. There are 600 observations that need another ID to reach "Research Grade" (that happens when at least 2 identifiers agree). If iNaturalist users have suggested an identification for your photo, take some time to look through and "agree" with the observation. You can find the photos in our project that need ID here:

Not sure how to identify? The Field Museum has some helpful quick ID guides for spring in Chicago:

Spring in Chicagoland:
Common Wild Bee Genera:
Common Trees:
Birds of Thatcher Woods:

If you see a notable observation, feel free to leave a comment for your fellow naturalist! Let's build a community and recognize each other for a job well done.

Comment below: do you have any favorite field guides to use for identification?

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May 05, 2021

Chicagoland film- coyote shadow puppet!

Take a break from identifying observations to enjoy this short shadow-puppet style film about an urban coyote. UWI scientists Seth Magle and Mason Fidino lent their expertise to this creative project!

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May 06, 2021

Birds of Chicago

Hello Everyone,

Want to learn more about how urban scientists collect data on birds? Watch this short video to hear from one of our urban wildlife experts to learn more!

If you want to become a birding expert then check out this field guide from the Field Museum.

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May 08, 2021

Camera Traps Used to Study Wildlife

Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute has an impressive amount of wildlife pictures from their very own camera traps. These cameras are set up all around the city and can tell us more about our wild neighbors. Learn more and help us identify some animals by visiting Chicago Wildlife Watch and watching the videos attached.

Help us identify:

Videos to learn more about camera traps in Chicago:

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May 09, 2021

Join us tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow to celebrate all of your hard work during the City Nature Challenge. You will be joined by members of our Horticulture Team and our Urban Wildlife Institute! You all have made an impressive amount of observations and we want to say thank you and congratulations.

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