March 8, 2019 3.4 Mile Circuit Report

Notables: At least three raptors, good photos of a Ferruginous Hawk sitting on a crossarm, the usual Kestrel on a wire, a hulking shape in a tree overlooking the dig site that might have been a Red-tailed, plus 3 glimpses of a grayish raptor in flight soaring low.

A single Cedar Waxwing near the dig along with some Robins.. Song Sparrow (best pic I ever got of a Song Sparrow) and White-crowned Sparrow in the mesquites near the SW corner. Thought I saw a White-throated Sparrow in that area but no photo, and unless there is a pic it didn't happen, possible only. A fuzzy-haired coyote (mange?) came to the SW fence, eyed me, then backtracked toward the south. At least 6 Jack Rabbits spooked in the NE quadrant; never saw more than two there before. At least one Bufflehead Duck on a pond. A strangely-marked male Mallard cross.

Encountered several Echinocereus reichenbachii where the bench is near the west boundary toward the north. (Most I've ...more ↓

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There are four projects for Lubbock Lake Landmark other than this one, one inaugural survey from 2016, two bioblitzes for 2017 and 2018, and one continuing plant project started by Daria McKelvey, that is not formulated to include animal observations.

The purpose of THIS project to to provide a collection place for ALL non-human, non-domestic animals seen on Lubbock Lake Landmark ...more ↓

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