Mammals of Texas Big Year Competition!

Check out the current 2014 leader board here:

How many mammals can you see in Texas in 1 year? Since the beginning of the Mammals of Texas Project in June of 2013, there have been 140 species observed by 144 members! You can see a leaderboard for 2013 here:

This year, we challenge you to see how many mammals you can find in Texas in 2014; and the winners will get to choose from some excellent field guides to mammals and animal track identification! In 2013 Chris Hyde made 136 mammal observations to top the "Most Observations" leaderboard and Jonah Evans observed 45 species to top the "Most Species" leaderboard. Of course, they only had seven months. With a full year, you will probably have to find at least 50 species. Is it possible to reach 100?

Let's see what we can do!

Terms of the competition:

This leader board is set up for the 2014 Mammals of Texas Big Year Competition. Please follow these guidelines:
-Observations must be added to the Mammals of Texas Project.
-All observations must be made between Jan 1st and Dec 31st of 2014.
-Each species must have at least one research grade observation with a photograph or a sound recording .
-The Curators of Mammals of Texas will resolve any disputes in species identification.
-Mammals of Texas Curators may not win the competition.
-Participants may win in one of two ways:

  1. Observe the most species of Mammals in 2014.
  2. Post the most observations of Mammals in 2014.

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