3000th Observation!

We are excited to announce that on Oct 12, 2017, the Mapping for Healthy Forests Vermont project received its 3000th observation.

Huge thanks to all contributors to the project, and special thanks to @seen_on_street_view for adding the 3000th observation.

Autumn is still a great time to go out and spot invasive plants: Japanese knotweed is turning burnt umber in color, dead stalks of wild parsnip stand tall and brown, some still clutching seeds, common and glossy buckthorn are still vibrant green, Asiatic bittersweet has started to fruit and its leaves are senescing, turning yellow...

Have a happy autumn everyone!

"Psithurism, (noun, considered obsolete) the sound of rustling leaves, or the wind in the trees"

Posted on October 16, 2017 01:43 PM by espinney espinney


hey all, i haven't been adding all my invasives to this project since i haven't seen much activity here. Is that still worth doing? Have you considered converting this to a collection project?That would allow things to be added automatically just based on species found. However it would stop you from seeing obscured locations, so not sure if it makes sense or not.

Posted by charlie about 5 years ago

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