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Help track the spread of Marine Invasive species by submitting sightings of the 'Devil Weed' (Sargassum horneri) and the 'Asian Kelp' (Undaria Pinnatifida). If you come across either of these species, please take a close-up photograph so you can upload your observation to this page or at ( Also, take some notes about which species you observed, its location, how many you saw, the depth you encountered it, and its life stage. After you upload your pictures and observations, fellow iNaturalist contributors can verify your species ID and provide useful feedback for your next trip into the field!

If you are having trouble identifying these invasive species you can refer to for identification guides, seasonality, and more information about each species. Also, check out this video with instructions on what to do ...more ↓

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The goal of this project is to better track the distribution and spread of the 'Devil Weed' (Sargassum horneri) and 'Asian Kelp' Undaria pinnatifida. This site will allow you to log your observations of these non-native algae and contribute to the monitoring of them in your local waterways.

S. horneri, dubbed the ‘Devil Weed’, is an invasive algae that originates in the warm waters of ...more ↓

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