Field Observations for this project

There are 10 basic field observations we would like to know for every observation.
The first eight are "required" for your observation to be added to this project. Please do your best to enter values for each, but note that "na" is always an option. If you feel there is an option missing, please message the project admin to add your suggestion (cherisse_dupreez) or comment below.

  1. NE Pacific marine habitats
  2. Depth (m)
  3. Expedition name and survey number
  4. Transect
  5. Platform
  6. Laser scale projected (cm)
  7. Specimen collection wishlist
  8. Copyright shared with
  9. OTU [unique code for taxa not ID'ed to species]

  10. Voucher image

  11. Posted on October 31, 2017 17:09 by cherisse_dupreez cherisse_dupreez | 4 comments | Leave a comment
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    This project brings together a community of experts to identify and photo-document marine species present in the Northeast Pacific Ocean, with a focus on animals visible in image-based surveys within Canadian waters.

    A major objective of this project is to support the accuracy and consistency of taxonomic identification in images, as well as to promote collaboration among ...more ↓

    cherisse_dupreez created this project on October 16, 2017
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